Table Tennis Betting Tips and Strategy

Table Tennis Betting Tips and Strategy

Table tennis is an exciting place to put your money (you can read more about sports betting investment). Although punters prefer to take a gamble on tennis, this is all the more reason why you should try your luck on its cousin, table tennis. That said, like betting on any other sport, you will need to understand the game itself, all the possible nuances, the bookmarkers, the table tennis betting tips, and everything in between to make more viable predictions. 

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Table Tennis Betting Tips and Strategy

Betting is not just a game of luck. It entails a lot of brainstorming, skill, and generally the ability of the brain to outshine all others. Table tennis may not be as popular as most sports like soccer or basketball, but the effort, time, and technique that goes into it is no more minor. Thus, if you consider taking a chance on the sport, you should certainly be prepared. Here are a few tricks to help you boost your table tennis betting strategy;

Know the Game and the Players

Most people, including bookmakers, have very little knowledge of this sports discipline; this should be music to your ears as you can make it work well to your advantage. Most often than not, the best wagerers on a particular sport, say football, are well vast in that field. Similarly, doing some research on the sport, the players’ rankings, personal information, their strongest competitors, and so forth equips you to make the best decision. Also, keep in mind that ranking can be misleading at times. Therefore, go deeper and look at each player’s ups and downs. The bookmakers usually research; thus, you are learning what they already know.

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Bank on Lower-Ranked Tournaments or Competitions

It is ordinary for most punters to focus on the big players as they expect them to perform in higher-ranked tournaments. However, the bigger the game, the higher the risk. If you prefer to play safe once, in a while, low-ranking tournaments are an excellent place to bet. Most may not remember that these low-ranking games serve a considerable share of surprises, not only in table tennis. At times, they may even have unique rules that are most likely to impact the odds significantly.

Estimate Your Odds

The bookmaker aims to profit while your motivation is to bet successfully. These two motives contradict each other hence blindly using the bookmaker’s odds is pretty risky. Take the time to set your odds if you can; it should take about twenty minutes. You will be surprised at how inaccurate some bookmakers set their odds.

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Sign up With Several Bookmakers

Different bookies may offer varying odds, and although the margin is usually not that big, even the slightest difference matters. Signing up with multiple bookmakers will help you get the best odds. It is, therefore, imperative to do a little check on the top markets for the sport-table tennis in this case- and create accounts with them. Furthermore, the more, the merrier!

Types of Ping Pong Betting

Ping pong has several bets for you to explore, some you may not find in other sports. This uniqueness makes the sport even more exciting to wage. These wagers include;

Totals Wagering

Totals betting allows you to bet over or under on ping pong matches. Essentially, a total wager is a bet on a combined point or total of a single game that will go over or under the set odds. A total wager depends on scores during and at the end of the table tennis game; it usually ends up over/under 70 points.

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Parlay Betting

Parlay betting in table tennis applies the same rules as other sports. It typically combines two or more bets for a larger payout; thus, the more the number of bets tied together, the larger the payout. However, here’s the catch: all the individual bets must win for a parlay to win. Hence the more parlays you add to your bet slip, the higher the risk.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is a bit straightforward. All you have to do is evaluate the predictions (spread) on the market and guess whether the outcome will be higher or lower than the set price. If you choose the former, you will buy on the spread and sell lower. The more right you are, the higher your chance of winning this bet.

Live Betting

As the name suggests, live ping pong betting allows bettors to wage as the game is ongoing. Table tennis is a very eventful game and can be very competitive; therefore, odds can shift within seconds. The odds can reflect a player’s advantage in a single-serve but change dramatically in the next hence every second in this game counts. All in all, if you can catch the right lines and with the proper ping pong betting tips, the reward can be pretty generous.

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How to Choose the Table Tennis Tipster

It is not unusual for punters to rely on tipsters for table tennis tips betting. Picking the best table tennis tipster is a good move, especially if you are still learning the game and need a slight lead in the right direction. While at it, there are several things you should look out for when choosing a tipster. To mention a few, they include;

Passion about the Sport

Passionate tipsters go all out when it comes to the game they love. Usually, they do their homework thoroughly and have the statistics at their figure tips. However, beware that screenshots and excel spreadsheets are not enough proof of winnings; thus, it’s always safe to go for table tennis betting tips from specialized platforms.

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The Tipster’s Country and Timing of the Tips

The tipster’s country influences the times you will get the tips. Timing is fundamental as you will need the tipster’s services to place a bet. If the timing is wrong, the tips may not benefit you much.

The Tipster should have their Math right.

To know how viable the information you are getting is, you have to do a little research of your own. Of course, the estimates may not always (most times) be accurate, but the tipster should be able to discern the correctness of the odds. Note that a good tipster does not promise wins as they understand it’s normal to win and lose, given a dynamic sport such as table tennis.

Take advantage of the very lucrative opportunities table tennis presents (e.g. betting on the results of upcoming ITTF tournaments). However, it is imperative to keep studying and keep your head cool regardless of the outcome. Betting should be a fun way to test your love for the game despite the ups and downs. We hope you have found the table tennis betting tips mentioned in this article useful.