Greyhound Racing Betting Tips

Greyhound Racing Betting Tips

Dog racing betting has been one of the most lucrative entertainment sports among most betting enthusiasts. It’s a betting sport that allows you to analyze and place a dog bet online for any race in different parts of the world like the UK, USA, Australia, and Russia. Despite being for fun, you can make massive profits from dog racing betting. Bellow you will find greyhound racing betting tips for beginners.

⭐ What do I need to consider before placing bets on greyhound races?

The most important thing is to consider a few nuances:

  • the age of the dog;
  • the results of previous races;
  • choose dogs that have a track record.

⭐ What are the types of bets in dog racing?

Common types of dog racing bets:

  • Win bets;
  • Place bets;
  • Show bets;
  • Win-place bets.

⭐ What are the criteria for choosing a greyhound racing tipster?

  • Tips they provide;
  • Reputation;
  • Cost;
  • Winning rates.

However, to get the maximum profits from the game, it’ll be imperative to understand the game and the types of strategies for maximizing the bet. Read through the article to understand more about dog racing tips and choosing the right tipster.

Greyhound Racing Betting Tips 

Dog racing betting can be one of the difficult betting games to win, but when using the appropriate tips, you can increase your chances of winning. Below are the top dog betting tips you need to consider when putting your wager.

1. Check for the age 

When having your dog race betting, it’ll be imperative to consider the dog’s age. Age is a key factor in determining your winning chances. Preferably, when having your wager choose dogs at their peak age, approximately two years. A dog will produce top results at this age, thus choosing it in your bet increases the chances of winning.

2. Consider the previous races

Previous races of the dogs will be the critical determining factor when choosing your winning bet. It’ll be essential to select a bitch that has completed a race with top results recently. Before selecting the bet, check for the previous history of the bitch you’re placing the wager for.

dog racing betting tips

3. Check for a straight bet

When placing a wager, it’s essential to consider a straight bet; they’re always easy to win. Choose the easy bet with the best odds in the market. Top tipsters advise choosing a format with the best ratio between the win bet and place the bet.

4. Choose dogs that have recent records of good results

When analyzing the best greyhound racing betting tips, it’s essential to prefer dogs with a high success record in their recent races. Greyhounds that had their races currently will have more chances of winning compared to the others. New dogs into the race may suffer illnesses or injuries, thus reducing your winning probability. 

Types of Dog Racing Bets (Greyhound Racing Bets)

When looking for the best dog racing tips, it’ll be essential to consider the types of dog racing bets. With the numerous types of online bets available most players, especially beginners, might find it hard to choose the best bets. The following are the common types of dog racing bets you need to consider when placing your wager.

greyhound racing betting tips

Win bets 

It’s a wager on which you place considering the dog that’ll win the race. When having this type of betting, you’ve to choose the dog you feel will win the bet. Most online gamers consider this as one of the most paying dog race bets. 

Place bets

When placing bets, you’ll have to select the dog with a high probability of finishing first or second in the race in this type of bet. Importantly, you must understand that there is no difference in the payout whether the dog finishes first or second. Nonetheless, this bet pays less than the win bet but more than the snow bet on the same wager.

Show bets 

It’s one of the most straightforward greyhound bets anyone can win despite the level of expertise. You can win the bet as long as the dog you choose finishes the race first, second, or third. Nevertheless, the payouts for these bets are usually minimal. Thus, it’d be better if you placed huge amounts on the stakes to get higher winnings. 

Dog runs

Win-place bets 

Similar to the place bets, you can only win in these bets when the dog you bet on finishes in the second or first place. However, the main difference is that you have to place two separate bets instead of one when betting. With the separate betting slips, you stand a chance of getting more since you’ll collect the winnings and your place bet.

How to Choose the Best Greyhound Tipster?

When looking to increase your chances of winning your bet, it’ll be imperative to consider choosing the right source of your greyhound betting tips. With the numerous tipsters available, you might find it challenging to choose the right tipster. The factors below will be imperative when choosing the best greyhound tipster.

Check for the tips they provide

When choosing a suitable tipster for your dog race tips, it’ll be good to check if they provide recommendations on the types of bets you prefer. You can check their website or ask them what types of betting tips they offer. Importantly, choose a tipster who provides a wide option of betting tips from which you can select the one suitable for you.

best greyhound tipster

Check for the reputation

Reputation is a key element when choosing the right bet tipster, as it helps to give a glimpse of what you’re expecting. Research on their previous records, their success history, and how they administer their services. In addition, you can ask the prior customers or friends who have used the services before about the particular tipster. 


Cost is an imperative factor when looking for the best source of your winning greyhound racing tips. Tipsters come with different plans and services having different costs. Therefore, it’s good to choose tipsters offering charges suiting your budget limits. Experts advise that it’ll be good to consider selecting a trial or free version before going for the premium subscriptions.

Winning rates

The main reason for seeking greyhound racing betting tips is to increase your chance of winning your bets. It’s essential to consider the winning of the tipster when choosing the right tipster. A good tipster should have tips with a high winning rate to increase your chances of getting more rewards when choosing the bet. When considering the winning rate, it’ll be essential to check the previous records of the tipsters or seek referrals from friends or colleagues who have used the services before.

Final Thoughts about Greyhound Racing Betting

Dog racing is a famously growing betting game due to the fun and profit it offers the betting enthusiasts and fans. When placing your wager, it’ll be good to choose a suitable type of bet for you to enjoy the betting activity. The main aim of selecting the rights is to increase the likelihood of winning the bet. In addition, to increase your chances of winning, you must look for the appropriate source of your dog racing betting tips.